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Artist Statement

  Painting is as essential to my existence as air and water. It provides me a safe place to explore complicated, untidy emotions and unlocks  childlike wonder and  freedom of expression residing  within. As I paint intuitively,  when I am able to relinquish my need to control and dictate the outcome  I am often surprised and excited to recognize emerging themes. My work  at its core is my way of processing and memorializing o memorialize the rawness and power of the humbling act of traveling along side another on their  path to wholeness and healing, draws from the things I have seen and experienced on the oath The abstract multi layered work I create seek to share with the viewer this privileged, unobstructed view. T while giving expression to my own personal journey toward  the same. my oath as a  witnessed as a a vehicle in which many referencing es my past experiences, both the profound and the ordinary. I  emerging organically. Themes that often reference divine encounters xes As I paint, themes emerge and coalesce, giving  expression to my fascination and profound reverence of the study of the human body and its unmistakable interplay with the human spirit and soul. The  gravitation to these subjects is undoubtedly a result of my life's' work as a scientist and  healer in my profession as a nurse. It is that sacred role that has afforded me the privilege of a unique, intimate view of this delicate interplay in all its manifestation .

I must paint to capture and share what I have seen, that which can not be unseen,  the  beauty of human fragility and vulnerability, the triumph of healing, the finality of death, the power of resiliency, the indignity of illness and trauma, the transformative impact of love, the dark loneliness of suffering, the intrusiveness of terror and the peace of quiet surrender…….  My intention as I paint is to create complex abstract work giving expression to these themes.

In my quest to give voice to these  experiences  I rely heavily on the the gesture, use of contrast, bold color, line, depth of layering, inscribing, development of shape and texture . When creating my paintings I often pair them on the easel creating them simultaneously,  resulting in diptychs, triptychs or a series. I find this approach, facilitates a depth and richness in the work informed by the conversations, connectivity and contrasting diversity that unfolds, serving as metaphor for our own connections, complexities and depth of  human experience. 


I occasionally pivot and paint work inspired by the seductive beauty and calming effect of nature providing a repose from the intensity of emotion associated with contrasting  themes described above. Moving between these two focuses to my work informs and enhances each body of work  while creating tension and energy, keeping things fresh, alive and moving the work forward. 



Peabody Essex Museum

  • Still life Drawing, 2001

Montserrat College of Art Continuing Education, Beverly MA., 2006-2012

  • Oil painting the Still Life and Nude

  • Pastel

  • Landscape Painting in Acrylic

  • Acrylic Painting

  • Mixed Media, Maria Malatesta 

  • Encaustic, Kim Bernard


Truro Center for the Arts, Truro, MA.

  • International Encaustic Conference 2007-2020

  • Pre/Post Conference Workshops:

    • 2008 Collage and Wax, Tracy Spadafora

    • 2009 Working the Surface, Sandi Miot

    • 2019 Cold Wax, Oil and Encaustic, Lia Rothstein

  • Intermediate Encaustic Intensive, 2008, Laura Moriarty 

  • Annual Maine Encaustic Retreat:

    • Kim Bernard 2011-2015

    • Dietland Vander Schaaf 2015 -2019

Introduction to Cold Wax, San Miquel De Allende, Mx. 3/2020

  • Jerry McLaughlin

Cold Wax Academy 9/2020-present

  • Jerry McLaughlin & Rebecca Crowell


  • Porter Mill Gallery, curator and contributor, “A Common Thread, 4 Artists:1 Connection” Beverly, MA.

  • Porter Mill Gallery, “Celebrating Small Works”, Beverly MA.

  • New Artist Members, “Emerging New Artists Show”,  Marblehead Arts Association Gallery, Marblehead, MA.

  • Berta Walker Gallery, "Learning/Medium/Opportunity" Provincetown, MA.


Juried Member:

  • Marblehead Arts Association

  • Rocky Neck Cultural Center

  • Cambridge Arts Association

  • Yellow Chair Salon

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